Dear Customer.

Due to tighter restrictions at customs because of the Pandemic, the customs have seized the plants in boxes without Phytosanitary Documentation and have destroyed them.

This is normal procedure if found without Phytosanitary Documentation.

We are very sorry to send you this message but feel obliged to do so as you are our customer.

As I explained earlier this was caused to the extreme conditions now used by Customs in clamping down due to the Pandemic.

We also have been fined $1000 dollars for having shipped the plants without Phytosanitary Documentation, we are now considering very seriously in withdrawing our option to our customers for supply plants without Phytosanitary Documentation.

At this time all orders must include Phyto certificate.( phytosanitary certificate). If not, we can not ship out the order.

Contact to me on [email protected] for more informations

Thanking you in advance.