– United States ; EU ; UK ; Singapore ; Australia ; Canada ; Japan, Taiwan, Korea, …
    Notice: We will have 2 options with the “Phytosanitary Documentation” – Optional
    a. We send with no “Phytosanitary Documentation”… (we guarantee to bring best plant quality).
    *The package will be labeled as fake plants/flowers and shipped to you as GIFT.
    Being described as fake plants/flowers, there’s no need for phyto for custom clearance.
    b. We send with full “Phytosanitary Documentation” = $30
    Door-to-door delivery via DHL and provide tracking number after shipment.
    According to the import laws of each country, small import tax might occurs at customer’s expense before receiving the package (mostly in Europe).
    Due to restriction in custom process, we won’t be able to provide separate tag names on plants, plants’ name will be written on the plants or on the underside of the leaf.
    We ensure to carefully carry out the packing process to bring the best products to our customers.
    You will receive a confirmation email with a tracking link so that you can follow your order all the way home! Please allow 5-7 days for the carrier to scan your package into their system.
    If you attempt to track your package and there is no information available that just means the carrier has not processed your parcel yet. When the parcel is scanned into the system, tracking events will populate on the tracking page.
    If it is over your estimated arrival date, please contact us, and we can take care of this for you.

1-2 weeks : The time I need to prepare an order for shipping varies. For details, see individual items.
2-7 days


DHL Express:
The photo below is the normal shipping price list for the Americas, Europe + 5$ for each item.

With EMS, we are able to ship to 95 countries world-wide. However, not all countries permit plant import.

Shipping Rates for EMS World – 7 Zones

ZoneZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5Zone 6Zone 7
0 – 0.9 kg.$29$35$46$67$61$116$44
1.0 – 1.4 kg.$32$39$52$74$69$125$49
1.5 – 1.9 kg.$36$42$58$80$77$135$53
Zone 1Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam
Zone 2Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea Republic, Macao, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Taiwan
Zone 3Bahrain, Iran, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mongolia, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E.**
Zone 4Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, Ghana, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Macedonia Republic, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain*, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine
Zone 5Argentina, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Cuba, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Mauritius, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia
Zone 6Faroe Islands, Greenland, Madagascar
Zone 7Bhutan, India

Shipping Rates for EMS World – Special Zones

0 – 0.9 kg.$47$50$57$60$57$60$57
1.0 – 1.4 kg.$53$60$67$67$67$73$64
1.5 – 1.9 kg.$60$67$77$77$77$83$71

Shipping Rates for EMS World (One Price)

In addition of those shipping rates above, if the package’s weight is above 3 kg., EMS World ‘One Price’ rate will be cheaper compared to those normal rates. We will apply these rates to shipping cost to ensure that our customer will be charged with lower and reasonable fees. However, not all countries are applicable with these rates.

ZoneDestinations<3 kg.<7 kg.<10 kg.
Zone 1Brunei / Cambodia / Laos / Malaysia / Myanmar / Philippines / Singapore / Vietname$44$70$77
Zone 2China / Hong Kong / Indonesia / Japan / Korea / Macao / Maldives / Nepal / Sri Lanka / Taiwan$46$74$87
Zone 3Australia / Austria / Belgium / Canada / Denmark / Finland / France / Germany / Ireland / Israel / Italy / Netherlands / New Zealand / Norway / Portugal / Russia / Spain / Sweden / Switzerland / UK / U.S.A.$80$130$133