We are GG Garden,
First of all, Thank you for your love, trust and order Hoya from our garden!
Grogens Co., Ltd is company that tries to bring green space wherever you are. Our journey began when we were introduced to the world of Hoya plants. We welcomed these plants into our nursery and found that they gave us abundant joy and happiness. GG Garden was established to share with you the same joy and happiness it has brought us
We don’t want to only sell you “a plant”, we are hoping to create a vibrant plant community who can benefit from having plants as part of their lives.
We experience shipped plants to worldwide.
All orders had fresh & healthy plants; a wide varieties of Hoya includes some rare and exquisite items.
At GG Garden we hope you will find the happiness from the wonders and beauty of nature. We hope it will inspire you to develop a healthier lifesty lasting connections with people and plants!
Our plants: hoya plants, tropical plants, bulb, succulent and all variegated plants are a specialty of ours
Thank you for your time in here!

Check out this video for some great Hoya’s